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Friday - 12:15 pm

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O God You Search Me Mel Kennedy
High Schoolers & Sexual Identity: Formation or Confusion Cathi Fisher, Loree Lippsmeyer
Teens and Sexuality: Getting the Medical Facts Straight Gretchen Marsh
Christ Centered Courtship: Finding Jesus in Your Relationships Arlynne Desiderio
Head, Heart & Hands- Living the Gospel in Our Homes Christina Davis
Centering Prayer for Prisoners Inside and Outside of Jails Ray Leonardini
Education in Virtue: The Best Classroom Management Sr. Maria Silva, OP
Teaching Multicultural Education Through the Lives of the Saints Jason Solano, M.Ed
Answering the WHY?- Helping Students Understand Church Teaching on Respect for Human Life Camille Pauley
It Takes a Parish to Raise Saints Steve Do
Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality for Busy People Alejandro Báez, S.J.
Sing to the Lord, Music in Divine Worship Dr. Ricardo Soto
When Church Teaching, Civil Law and and Society are at odds; How do we impact the Culture to Build a Culture of Life. Jeremy Youngers
Healing from Divorce and Separation Corinne Lalanne
Taller de RICA Disculpó, Evangelista y Catequista David Bisono
Voluntariado Católico Hoy - Como Motivar, Actuar y Permanecer Activos Voluntarios Eliana Plimpton
Señor, que te conozca y que me conozca Sr. Yolanda Barajas
Making Faith Relevant John Sablan
La oración, la fuerza que mueve el mundo Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC
“Hasta que la muerte nos separe” - ¿qué dije? Sr. Karla Feliz-Rivera
Showing Mercy to the Stranger: Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad Kenneth Preston
Lord - Help Me! I'm Having Trouble Forgiving! Derette Layne
Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness: Wounds to the Soul. Faith Based Interventions K. Bryan Kelso
Quinceañeras: Una gran Oportunidad de Evangelización Carmen Chávez
Immigration Info Session Genevieve Levy, Yajaira Martinez
How Can Teens Come to Know Christ? Andrea Vasquez
Helping Parents Pass on a Legacy of Faith to Their Kids Dr. John Rinaldo