Evening of Testimony Outreach for RCIA

RCIA ministries can be more active in evangelistic outreach. One of the ways to do this is to organize an Evening or Morning of Testimony. This event can be publicized in the parish. Parishoners will be encouraged to attend and bring their non-Catholic or fallen away Catholic friends to this event. Speakers should be local parishoners who have converted to Catholicism or come home to the faith, or simply had a spiritual awakening and now participate fully in their faith. They will share their testimonies with music and food, and at the end of the presentation, individuals in attendance will be encouraged to sign up for RCIA, Catholics Coming Home, bible studies, or other parish ministries 


Michael Faber

Licensed to preach by a Baptist Church in 1997, Michael served as interim pastor of a Baptist Church in 1999. He completed a Masters Degree in Theology and Bible from Fuller Seminary in 2012. Micheal wrote and published three devotional books. Since being received into Catholic Church in 2016, he has served as catechist for RCIA , 5th grade CFF, and is now co-coordinating St. Mel's RCIA ministry.