Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness: Wounds to the Soul. Faith Based Interventions

Defining how anxiety, depression and loneliness are wounds to the soul and understanding roots of these pains. Many who struggle with such pains often attend church often and pray a great deal, but often find little relief. This workshop will help you understand how specifically apply the medicine of Mass, confession, Eucharistic Adoration to these wounds to the soul.  Learn how the truths of our faith provide practical and doable interventions to such difficulties.


K. Bryan Kelso

Bryan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and convert to the Catholic faith. I work in private practice from a Catholic world view. I teach how to wield the power of the sacraments toward healing in the therapeutic setting.  I specifically help clients discover how to identify ways to identify and remove psychological impediments that often inadvertently, but effectively block sacramental graces.