Carolyn Trumble

Carolyn Trumble began her work as a per diem Mission Promoter in May of 2016 with Maryknoll Father’s and Brothers.  This work coincided with her work as a Pastoral Associate at St. Anne Church in Oregon.  Carolyn has found herself harmonizing her work in the Catholic Church and in nonprofit humanitarian organizations throughout her career.  She has served in parishes for over 25 years in the roles of Coordinator of Youth Ministry, DRE, and Pastoral Associate.  While serving in parishes she was also volunteered as a Fair Trade Ambassador for CRS; a trip director and board member for Los Embajadores, an immersion program to Mexico; a communication intern at Medical Teams International; a volunteer at Mercy Corps; and serving weekly in a local soup kitchen.  Carolyn’s Interdisciplinary Degree in Communications and Theology from Marylhurst University echoes this balance of being rooted in the values of the gospel while working to build strong and relevant relationships with others.In 2011 Carolyn went to Brazil as a Maryknoll Lay Missioner.  While living in Sao Paulo she gave classes in women prisons, a youth center, and a refugee center.  She later moved to Joao Pessoa, Brazil to live and work with the Maryknoll Sisters.  She worked with the sisters at a Holistic Health Center for Women.  Her main roles there were as finance coordinator and helping to oversee the construction of a new restaurant at the center.  Sponsored by Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers