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Friday - 11:00 am

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Casting Your Net for Vocations for Priesthood & Religious Life Rev. Raj Derivera
The History of Catholic Political Involvement Ken Crawford
Relational Ministry 101 Christina Davis
He Was Known to Them in the Breaking of the Bread James Cavanagh
"Until Death Do Us Part" - What Did I Say?! Sr. Karla Feliz-Rivera
Parenting Practices to Combat a "Me First" Culture Chris Nelson
Love, Sex, and Gender Brian Butler
Engaging In Global Solidarity: Resources for the Classroom and Community Kenneth Preston
Self-Care and Life Balance in Ministry Alejandro Báez, S.J.
Let Them Serve: Teaching the Youth and Young Adult to Enhance the Liturgy Jason Solano, M.Ed
Integrating Our Liturgical Year Into Schools and Their Religion Classes Mary Wedeking
Knowing About Jesus vs. Knowing Jesus Darcy Wharton
Authentic: Knowing Who God Created You to Be Mel Kennedy
El Amor Nos LLama Laureen Aguayo
Under the Fig Tree: A Catechesis on the Church's Contemplative Tradition Jeremy Mallett
Confirmation: Graduation or Commencement? Fr. Mark Wiesner
Todo papá merece una segunda oportunidad con sus hijos Edixon Martinez
Evening of Testimony Outreach for RCIA Michael Faber
Straight answers to questions regarding the Rite of Catholic Funeral, Cremation and Cemetery. Jerry Del Core
Why is my ministry failing? Jeremy Youngers
¿Cómo pueden los adolescentes conocer a Cristo? Andrea Vasquez
La fuerza trasformante de la Adoración Eucaristica Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC
Welcoming the Stranger Paul Starkey
Safe Environment Training for Youth Katita Schloemann
Taller de Confirmación De Mecánico a Orgánico David Bisono
"Teen Porn" Considerations and Interventions K. Bryan Kelso
Una iglesia católica, muchas culturas: Un enfoque litúrgico intercultural sobre relaciones, competencia y espiritualidad. Eliana Plimpton
Serving the imprisoned in a county jail Irma Michel
Spiritual Partners: Christ's Gift in Friendship Rick Norman
Powerful Prayer Experiences for Teens Aaron Del Monte