High Schoolers & Sexual Identity: Formation or Confusion

Catholic counselor, Cathi Fisher, LCSW, and Fertility Care Practitioner, Loree Lippsmeyer, MSW, will explore the formation of healthy sexual identity in our youth – with an emphasis on teens – in light of our Catholic faith, mental health science and popular culture. The talk will begin by laying the Theology of the Body as a foundation for sexual moral formation that is both true and easily grasped by teens. To that faith foundation, the stages of healthy, normal psychosocial development from adolescence to young adulthood will be added.

In His Image and Likeness: How to Use Theology of the Body In All Aspects of Catechesis


In addition to explaining what Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body is and its importance in today's world, this workshop will assist catechists in using this powerful tool in all aspects of religious education from pre-K through adult.  Parents and grandparents will also benefit by learning to focus on the dignity and beauty of being created in the image and likeness of God and how to communicate this to others.  A resource list for learning as well teaching TOB will be made available. 

"Teen Porn" Considerations and Interventions


We will be discussing the causes and potential roots of this problem and how to practically understand, relate to and potentially help those suffering from this damaging prevelant addiction or abuse.  Porn has become so available to the average teen with a smart phone. Many teens today are compelled to make their own pornagraphic posts.  This is a large topic with more to cover than one could in a short workshop as this. I will feild questions specific to the attendees considerations. 

Teens and Sexuality: Getting the Medical Facts Straight


I will present the medical facts about human sexuality and reproduction including the harms to women and men from the contraceptive mentality, the physical consequenses of contraception, and the medical benefits of the Catholic approach to sexuality.  There will be plenty of time for questions throughout.